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It gives you a quick revision a couple minutes before the test. This method is really efficient because it is easy to carry around and you can study anytime and anywhere. Breaks are important during study session because it helps you to retain information better.

Study Smart

Studying for prolong period will make you feel overwhelm and your brain will explode. Well not literally, but feeding the brain too much information will cause congestion. Give your brain time to absorb new materials. Resume and repeat until your study session is over.


Some people like to listen to soothing music or talk to a friend. It all depends on you.

In order to teach something, you have to know it yourself. While you are teaching you learn as you are forced to express information in your own words. You may have to repeat yourself which reinforces the information. Your student will ask questions and you have to analyze their questions and answer them. Teaching deepens your understanding of the subject. Joining a study group has saved me during my college years. Everybody could share their views and opinion and a rich discussion could develop among the group.

Sometimes one person will know more about a topic than the rest and share it with others.

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You will be able to tackle complex questions on a past paper as a group. A study group can also make learning and study fun. You are also motivated to study in a group. Testing yourself can help you to see if you understand the information. It will help to gauge which area you need to focus on more.

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Sometimes you think you know the concept but when you try to answer a question you find it challenging. Testing yourself help you to understand your topic very good. You can use online test and even past papers. You can test yourself under exam conditions to help with your time management. During study sessions, you can connect your notes to concepts you already know.

How to Study Smart: 10 Advanced STANFORD Study Tips

It helps you to remember everything correctly. The Study Smart Officer will not usually have time to read your whole essay or assignment in a face-to-face session. However, they may be able to go through a paragraph or two with you, and you can then apply their feedback to the rest of the assignment and improve it yourself. The Study Smart Officer service is not a proofreading service. Study Smart Officers can help with referencing to a certain extent. They are not experts in every referencing system and so Library staff or the Library website opens in a new window should be your first port of call.

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Study Smart Officers can do things like point out where a citation is missing or is not listed in the reference list. First please look at the Turnitin for students resource opens in a new window PDF. Study Smart Officers can help you interpret your report if you need further assistance. Our Study Smart Officers are experienced and successful senior students Honours or Postgraduate who have been selected and trained to assist you with academic writing. You should see a Study Smart Officer whenever you need help, but the earlier is usually the better.

If you leave it to the last minute before your assignment is due, a Study Smart Officer may not be available and you might not have time to implement the feedback that you receive.

How to Study Smart not Hard

Remember that Study Smart Officers are not proofreaders, and that proofreading is the final step before submission and ultimately your responsibility. Practice-based and reflective learning. New to university? Masters students. Research postgraduates. Study tips for commuter students. Studying with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties. Studying as a mature student. Studying as an international student. Studying on the Study Abroad programme.

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