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Land Pollution is caused due to various human activities and also because of natural factors. Some of the reasons of land pollution include over usage of pesticides, lack of options to dispose industrial and agricultural waste, deforestation, growing urbanization, acid rains and mining.

All these factors degrade the soil and hamper the agricultural activities. They are also a cause of various illnesses in animals and human beings. Land pollution is on an all time rise and so are its harmful consequences. While the government and other organizations are working at their level to bring it down, you can also contribute towards lowering the same by making a few small changes in your daily life. Here are some of the ways in which you can curb land pollution:. Land pollution, just as various other forms of pollution, is a threat to the environment.

It is degrading the quality of life on earth. It is time we must all join hands and contribute our bit towards reducing the same. Land pollution has an adverse effect on the living beings as well as on the environment as a whole.

It is one of the main causes of the growing number of illnesses around. Land pollution is caused owing to various factors. These factors are both natural as well as those induced by man.

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Here is a look at the various reasons for the same:. One of the biggest causes of land pollution is the industrial waste. Lack of proper options to dispose of the industrial waste which is generated in vast quantity leads to land pollution. The chemical and toxic waste is thrown in large dumping grounds that breed mosquitoes, flies, rats and rodents.

It gives way to various illnesses as well as air pollution. Mining is essential for the extraction of minerals and metals that are used in various day to day products. It causes mass destruction of trees and plants and degrades the land. The digging of soil and use of heavy machinery to carry out the process of mining causes land pollution. While it is essential to use pesticides for growing crops and it is alright to do so however over usage of the same can be harmful.

Essay on Land Pollution

This is because in addition to killing the organisms that hamper the growth of plants these medicinal sprays also kill the microorganisms that are useful for plant growth. Besides, over usage of pesticides and other chemical products contaminates the soil and degrades it. It causes land pollution and the place no longer remains fit for agriculture. We all know that trees play a vital role in maintaining biodiversity which is essential for creating ecological balance. They also help in enhancing the soil fertility and increasing soil aeration.

However, unfortunately forests are being cut at a rapid pace. This exposes the soil to direct sunlight which is harmful in many ways.

Essay about land pollution

It makes the land barren by extracting all the water and also kills microorganisms that are useful for the soil. The damage caused to the soil is counted as land pollution. Acid rain that is caused due to chemical pollutants present in the atmosphere also degrades the soil to a large extent and causes land pollution. It also contaminates the water present underground. As stated above lack of options to dispose the industrial wastes and household garbage properly leads to the worst sort of land pollution.

We can reduce the harmful effect of land pollution if we segregate the waste products based on their type. These are classified into three categories — Organic, Reusable and Recyclable wastes.

This is mostly done manually. However, it is a tedious task. We can contribute our bit towards it by separating the dry waste from the wet waste.

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It is suggested to keep separate dustbins for these types of wastes and dispose them of accordingly. Recently, the Modi government carried out a campaign for disposing of the wet waste in the green dustbins and dry waste in the blue dustbins. Thousands of green and blue dustbins were distributed in Delhi, Chandigarh and various other cities across India.

Several others were planted in different areas with the aim to ease the waste segregation process. We often complain that the government is not taking proper measures to bring down the land pollution. But are we doing our bit to lower the same? On the contrary we are only adding to it, knowingly or unknowingly.

It is high time we must take it as our duty to lower the pollution level by making whatever effort we can at an individual level. Land Pollution. Causes and Sources of Land Pollution. Therefore land pollution in Dark sees Salaam urban city is as a result of industrial activities, unman activities, poor urban planning and population growth rate. Sand mining for construction activities is being undertaken within the Dark sees Salaam City in areas which are not designated for such activities.

This phenomenon has created conflicts between residents and city authorities and ultimately undermined principles of urban planning. It has created big holes which essentially affect the aesthetic features of the area. This activity has potentially exacerbated soil erosion and resulted into a loss of productive land. The Government passed the Environment Management Act of for effective and sustainable management of the environment. Hence, enforcing of special laws pertaining to environmental management is emphasized. Meaningful and effective environmental law must be clearly understood and treasured by the communities and individuals whom it is aimed.

The legislation sets out standards and procedures, duties and limits, create obligations for all stakeholders, which will fit human activities and govern land resource sustainable. Waste transportation and collection according to Encyclopedia of environmental pollution and its control Volvo. IV , involves lit modal combination of public and private agency like trucks, walking and head carrying depending on accessibility. These trucks some are owned by government and others by private trucks where bottles for cooking oils, local liquids are being collected and recycled.

Also some metals like aluminum are collected to be recycled; crude oil is refined to produce usable diesel, gas and petrol. In the process of waste treatment some waste are biodegradable and easily dumped while others are non-biodegradable and are difficult to recycle, this cause land pollution. In developed countries nuclear waste nutrients to land pollution by generating radioactive materials that contain chemicals which affects human health and land environment.

It is believed that with strong government and institutional framework which is well coordinated all the above environmental problems could be resolved.

The major sources of land pollution in Dark sees Salaam City are motor vehicles that believed to be the primary source affecting ambient land quality, industrial pollution and residential burning of fossil fuels is another source for pollution. Automobile oil spills on land is a growing problem in Dark sees Salaam City and as such it needs immediate attention before it goes Out Of control.

Environmental expenditure review PEER reports that large amount of waste particles such as woods, metals, bricks, electronic wires and plastics are generated during road construction, rail ways and houses. Classification of solid waste in these areas includes; garbage or decomposable waste, rubbish which can be combustible and non-combustible waste like paper, wood, cloth, rubber leather and garden waste, ashes, industrial solid waste and agricultural waste among the others. The simplest method which have been seed to collect these waste includes crude tipping or open dumping like at Tab dump site, this method is commonly used to those cities found around Indian Ocean and other method adopted but never implemented in Dark sees Salaam city is landfill for solid waste.

Inadequate urban planning is a significant driving force behind rising pollution levels, because residential and commercial centers are often far apart, forcing mass movement of workers on a daily basis by using motor vehicles. Soil pollution; soil is being polluted as a result of land degradation through chemical fertilizers which are in liquid while others are in soil form, this weaken the soil quality.

Therefore water or wind can easily remove top soil part. Another effect is the change in climate patterns due global warming as a result of deforestation and in the other hand poor urban planning and other human activities contributes to ecosystem that in turn leads to change in climate change because of ozone layer depletion as harmful gases are generated due smelling of garbage. Land pollution also leads to public health problems like diseases because it encourages the growth of flies which transmits typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery among other disease.

Directing sewage disposal from land to ocean leads death of marine organisms and burning of waste leads to soil acidity. Various ways should be employed by government and private agencies on how to solve the problem of land pollution in rapid growing urban cities in Africa including Dark sees Salaam in Tanzania. The ways to be followed includes; Education to the people should be provided so as to be aware about the concept of reduce, recycle and re use products; the use of pesticides, insecticides and agricultural chemical fertilizers should be reduced in favor of using gardening or organic foods, the government and land managers should encourage buying or importing biodegradable products that do not affect land by either direct or indirectly; and the government or private agencies should encourage selection of open dumping sites which is a cheap method and providing public sanitary facilities for general environmental management like trucks and dustbins, introduction of national sanitary landfill, development of physical infrastructure and proper chemical waste disposal.

Research paper wring as process of doing critical reading has been limited with time and books material about the topic. Time constrain ND lack of money for travel contributed this research paper to be conducted through telephone interview, internet search, email and library where very few readings related to research topic are found.

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The main concerns in waste management are proliferation of plastic in waste streams, industrial waste, oil pipe leakage and sewage leakage. Engineering option for waste espousal in Dark sees Salaam is limited due to poor land planning and urban city planning, many open dump sites are not used properly and lack of national sanitary landfill.

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In different literatures, waste generation from various source is viewed to be disadvantageous and harmful to land and human health as it pollutes and contaminate the environment and attract flies which health leads to diseases like dysentery, diarrhea and typhoid but in the other side, waste if treated properly can be useful especially biodegradable waste can be used as sources of composite manure. It is not only all pollutants are harmful o environment but also some are useful as they save some microorganism in land.

Land pollution in urban cities in developed and developing countries is generally as a result of different factors such as industrial activities, human activities, mining and agriculture activities. In Dark sees Salaam urban city, pollution is due to rapid population increase versus poor urban planning. Technologies from outside has led to challenge in land management policy because it generates solid and liquid waste that pollutes the land environment as they are deposited inland.

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