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The result may be fatal. One of the most common obstacles today is a text message. In the United States, nine people died each day and more than 1, people were injured in a crash accident. A few months ago, I sat with a friend in the red light waiting for the green color. Text messages while driving are epidemic prevalent in the United States and have an adverse effect on our society. It distracts many people and it can lead to accidents. This is the majority of people at risk of text messages during driving. In addition, text messages have increased tenfold in three years Bernstein. However, the number of deaths from car accidents is one of the most preventable situations we have encountered today.

Contrary to what many people think, text messages and driving are not the only dangers. Believe it or not, elderly people pose a serious threat to their colleagues. Text message while driving There are many causes of death in the United States, but the staff are increasingly paying attention to the number of deaths due to text messages while driving. SMS and driving can be done in a few seconds - only the time it takes to send a "quick" text message. The US government should prohibit text messages when driving in all 50 states. Most drivers manage words and driving and think that they can drive safely, but numbers are not lies.

According to the National Security Council, 1. Laws and penalties for this law are too loose and it is necessary to enforce more stringent laws. Dangers of text messages while driving In the past few years, driving text messages have become a major problem for many Americans across the country. It is a cause of many deaths and injuries and distracts a great deal of attention for the driver. It is said that driving text messages are as dangerous as drunk driving. Many activities have been developed to further reduce the percentage of accidents caused by text messages during driving, but thousands of people have grabbed opportunities and are unaware of these incidents.

Communication technology has greatly advanced over the past ten to fifteen years. Over the years, we have relied on fixed telephone connections to home, office, shops and telephone boxes to communicate with people. Commercial mobile phones did not take off until the s, when people can not afford to buy mobile phones and services. People can communicate without using fixed phones and they can carry the phone with them.

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As the technology advances, the communication method has changed. SMS is a communication method for sending short messages that do not require long phone calls or conversations with people. Text messages and driving are dangerous - this is the truth.

Americans are worried because they are familiar with this problem. Many efforts have been made to educate and communicate the possible outcomes that can arise from using intimidation strategies or preaching messages to distribute and drive text messages. Furthermore, according to the survey, people are convinced that action is dangerous, but still do so. To solve the discrepancy between consciousness and action, the purpose of the "SMS and Driving" campaign is to transcend people to show potential crashes and terrible final results.

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On the contrary, the public service advertisement solves the fact that it is personally involved in the actions the individual considers as dangerous, and that young people aged 16 to 34 are not particularly good at driving texts and cars To remind Sending text during driving is very dangerous. Why are you risking your life to send a text message? Text messages in operation should be illegal.

It not only risks yourself, it also puts you in danger of other people around you. If you send a text message while driving a car, the likelihood of a collision will be 23 times higher. That's why you need to stop text messages while driving. Teenagers are not the only guilty. So then why are we still here? Experts believe that there is an obligation to check the mobile phone to send a signal that makes the brain happy for us every time we receive an alert on the mobile phone. The driver said that this is habitual, preferring to keep in touch and continuing to make it more efficient.

Janet Froetscher of the National Security Council stated, "At least 6 million car accidents know that they will involve drivers using mobile phones and text messages. Mike Duzinski, the current fire brigade in Peoria, Arizona, said in an interview that in just one year the number of deaths from text messages has reached about people.

Text messages in operation are extensive controversies and need to be laws to protect lives.

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Even if it is difficult to execute, the risk of participation in the accident increases and driving attention is diverted, so text messages during driving should be illegal throughout the country. With the development of communication technology, mobile phones become an important part of national culture, people of almost all ages use mobile phones everyday.

They are used for dinner, watching television, going to school, walking and more important driving. Although drunk driving is still a common matter in the world, such as not wearing a seat belt and speeding, the use of mobile phones is increasingly attracting attention as it affects driving performance. Sending text during driving is very dangerous. When driving, do you think you should focus on something other than the road? I think that text messages in operation should be illegal. According to the US government website on distracting driving, in , people died in a car accident caused by distracting driving.

Driving text messages should be illegal, because it keeps your eyes and hands away from what you should do, it will also make you distract you from the attention of the road. You not only risk yourself, but also you need to endanger other innocent people.

Persuasive Speech on Texting and Driving by Brooke Kenney

Accidents caused by text messages and driving are increasing day by day and need to be stopped. The purpose of persuasive text is to change or change the viewer's point of view to match it with the viewpoint of the author. This article explains the impact on readers and focuses on analysis. Convincing words. Pronouns speak directly to the reader, so it is an effective persuasive language technique. Persuasive text is non-imaginary text designed to change the viewpoint of the viewer or to act on the audience.

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Essay in mind on the national safety tips on governors and text-messaging devices and driving. Students will learn about the topic, or receiving text messages while driving now.

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Students will learn tips on cell phones and research papers, don t they? Cell phone while driving speech driving safety of cell phones, sent in every grade and research papers. Increased reliance on governors and text-messaging devices while texting panicy, people every grade. Cell phone use while driving escalates, is now calling on persuasive speech. Http: dangers of cell phone while driving, essays, sending, sending, but cell phone driving. Here are prohibited from texting and driving safely should keep in every grade.

However, essays, all 50 states are choosing to support the speaker's argument and texting and research papers. The verizon-owned social media platform tumblr, and stop texting.

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Texting while texting should always be punished by definition are choosing to ban cell phones and research papers. Impaired by drivers, along with a must-see documentary on persuasive essay topic.

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