Calibrating a thermistor coursework

In order to do this, they need to be able to independently verify that whom they approach is reliable.

Therefore, maintaining certification through calibration ensures that a laboratory can consistently perform requested analyses. To obtain an official accreditation by a regulatory body, calibration laboratories must undergo a rigorous inspection.

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An independent accrediting organization like the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation A2LA audits the equipment, technicians, processes, and quality systems for the calibration lab. Using an accredited calibration laboratory is important; this ensures that equipment sent to it will come back calibrated properly. An accredited laboratory like NovaStar is a prime example that puts the customer first in terms of quality assurance, tracking of assets, and turnaround time.

Is calibration important to your business? NovaStar, headquartered in Livonia, MI works with companies around the country to support their technical infrastructure with professional products, services, and consulting. Instrument Calibration Keeps Processes Safe When measuring any parameter, such as force or electric current, it is important that the quantities being measured are accurate to maintain product safety. Calibration Maintains Certification When a test lab would like to make use of a calibration laboratory, they need to know that they can trust the service provider is going to perform the calibration in a proficient manner.

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Instrument Calibration Keeps Processes Safe

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K awhat are the ends of the air. I'm considering using the other analog input to read an insolation sensor so I can add in comfort offsets. Since this is just controlling between about 62F and 82F a ohm RTD is not going to be giving much to work with. Perhaps a 1k or 2k version might work? Hi oz.

You second link is an httpS so it's capoot. First link.. Not working either. Thanks for the effort though. I'm looking at just using an LM I don't think there's anything else out there with that much noise margin. And it's fully linearized too! Keith, How about this? Mike L. Hey thanks cat. That would work perfectly in some of these.

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However most of these locations are in plenums with 20MPH wind and they state "not for use in fast moving air". Not sure why that would matter but.. And so there are!

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  6. Remember hearing about "wind chill" in weather reports? That's a calculated temperature based off of wind speed and relative humidity. The wind chill effect does not influence sensors that are not self-heated.

    Calibrating a thermistor coursework

    A normal NTC, that is put in still air shows, say, 10 kohms resistance at 25 centigrades room temperature. If air still 25 centigrades is blown across it with a fan, it still shows 10 kohms. There is a big difference if the sensor is self-heated. Then the air velocity influences thermal coupling and the resulting resistance will change with air velocity.

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