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The third essay generally gives an issue and then asks the student to write an essay which analyzes all sides of an issue. The Synthesis essay, added in , requires students to analyze an issue and support their statements by using 4 or more of the sources provided with the prompt. Write an essay in which you analyze how the distinctive style of each passage reveals the purpose of its writer.

Support your argument with specific references to your reading, observation, or experience. Read the topic several times. Underline and circle the important words and the assignment exactly.

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Make sure you understand all parts of the assignment. As you write your paper, refer to the topic several times and make sure that you are writing on topic. The biggest mistake students make is they misunderstand the topic or write on only part of the assigned topic. Pay attention to the verbs in the topic. Are you supposed to analyze, discuss, compare, contrast, describe, prove, etc.? Read the passage slowly and carefully.

Underline, circle and make margin notes about important information which relates to the topic. Regardless of the essay topic, your essay must show that you have a thorough understanding of the passage.

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Watch your time. You will have only 40 minutes for AP Timed Writings. Make a brief sketch of an outline or cluster. Plan for at least three paragraphs. Develop a thesis statement which advances the topic.

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Do not just restate the topic in your thesis. You do not have time to craft a beautiful introductory paragraph. Instead, write the thesis statement and a couple of good sentences to lead in to your thesis in the opening paragraph. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence which relates to the thesis.

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Within the paragraph, prove your point with specific examples from the text and connect the text to the topic with your own analysis. In other words, state what the other does in the text or shows in the text, and then explain why the author does this or what this information shows. Use transitional phrases to make your paper flow and to connect thoughts.

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Okefenokee swamp ap lang essay

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Okefenokee Swamp Passage Ap-Lang 11th grade

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