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Your Final Exam grade will come from an averaging together of the written and oral assessments for this assignment. You can also choose to do a Cultural Literacy essay and multimedia presentation for your final exam grade. I will know if you merely copied your joke because I will be looking specifically for the stage directions. Stage directions : You are essentially going to be on-stage when you go before the class to tell your joke and try to make us laugh.

Often, comedy is physical. Tone of voice, and considerations about timing and pauses are also vital in eliciting slaps of knees. I will be basing both the written portion and the performance portion of your grade, in part, on how well you follow your own stage directions during your performance. Look at the example below:. Haselmann: Speaking to the general audience in a here-comes-another-knock-knock joke tone Knock. Haselmann: Hands waving slowly back and forth at chest level Wait. I can only tell this joke to one person. Anticipation from the audience heightens, especially those who know the joke already.

Haselmann: Pouncing. Hands waving, chest-high Let me start again. Let me start again. To Damian in a once and for all sort of voice Knock. Analysis Questions Rhet. Strategies, Speaker, Audience, Purpose. Find a few adjectives to describe your tone, and explain what you do tonally, or figuratively to portray yourself as this kind of speaker.

Then describe how each of these strategies serves to create the humor in your joke? Who actually are the individual people in the class? Cohen, Samuel, ed. College Board. New York: College Board, Dean, Nancy. Gainesville: Maupin House, Degen, Michael. Fourth Edition. Goldberg, Natalie. Boston: Shambhala Publications, Hacker, Diane. A Pocket Style Manual. Lunsford, Andrea A.

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Ruszkiewicz, and Keith Walters. Third Edition. Shea, Renee H. Vogel, Richard and Charles F. Multiple Choice and Free-Response. On Writing Well. Fifth Edition. Please copy and paste this section to a word document, sign scan, and e-mail to me or bring to class the first week of school. This is particularly important when it comes to the issue of academic integrity. Miami Beach Senior High School strives for the highest degree of integrity from its faculty, administration and students. Immediate referral to administration for consideration of additional actions.

A Parent-teacher-counselor conference must be scheduled. Even if the second offense occurs in a different class, it will be considered a second offense. A referral to administration will be written for consideration of additional action. This applies to first offenses. I have read and understand the course information presented on this syllabus as well as the Miami Beach Senior High Academic Policy. I understand that my child will have reading materials that may have to be purchased or borrowed from the library.

My child is expected to be responsible and keep on top of the required assignments and I will see that they are prepared and I will make sure they have what is necessary to succeed. Miami Beach Senior High.

Basic Rhetorical Devices

Instructor: Patricia Haselmann. Course Overview:. The Writing Process, Criticism. How do I teach a group of adolescents to channel their a priori knowledge into the crafting of effective expository argument, and multi-dimensional interpretive reading? Upon completing the A. Language and Composition course students should be able to:. A neat binder will also serve as a useful study guide in May.

Reading Objectives and Strategies. Most nonfiction texts are derived from 50 Essays Cohen , in addition to some photocopied readings, and the quarterly novel or two.

Sample Essays

Tone, and specific questions for rhetorical analysis which include both multiple choice critical reading questions in AP format, and short and extended response questions. Quarterly Journal Assessment:. Journals will also include various writing exercises and inventories of the characteristics of the three major writing modes — exposition, persuasion, and satire — around which each semester is structured. Socratic Discussion:. Reading List Subject to Revision. Summer Reading:. Fall and Spring Texts:. Excerpts from Longer Works:.

Shorter Readings. Sandy Kempner.

Haselmann, Patricia / AP English Language Composition Syllabus

Buckley Jr. The Onion — Assorted Articles. Composition Objectives and Strategies. The tenets of Writing to Show, as outlined by Michael Degen in Crafting Expository Argument , however, pertain to all writing modes with which students work throughout the school year. Dependent Clause. According to David Jolliffe, college-level writers should display aptitude in these four areas. Writing Portfolio — Writing portfolio folders feature student essays in chronological order from the beginning of the year. Complete Writing Portfolios consist of the following:.

Other essays included in the student Writing Portfolio in are. For example, students replace active verbs with passive, helping verbs; substituting concrete nouns and adjectives for abstract ones; shifting tense, and other mechanical snafus; etc. Cultural Literacy Quarterly Project. One of the many qualities of a great writer is that he or she is first an.

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The more capacity we have for making. The more we expose. Greater Miami and its surrounding communities offer a divergent array of. These events enrich our lives and sensitize us to the experiences. Description :. Activities may include, but are not limited to, concerts, book discussions, theatrical. Museum visits are also. Jazz Film Festival.

If you are unsure. Students are required to submit a ticket stub, receipt, or other. Appendix B. Cultural Literacy, Version 3. Spring Cultural literacy:. Background Reading:. The Appraisal:. Central Focus: Why do you think the event was good or why do you think the evnt was not good?

IV: The Presentation:. Appendix C.

Basic Skills Necessary

Peer Feedback — Writing Workshop. Explain why or why not. Advanced Placement English Language and Composition. Spring, Once the topic selection has been made, and before writing the cover page , the student must research and select a set of sources that he or she deems to be important in a thoughtful consideration of the issue in question. For this reason, students should consider the space available to them on a single page, and select the most relevant excerpts from each resource.

The Cover Page :.

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  • See your packet. It is important that you consider your Introduction questions carefully. The issues you raise in the Introduction should be touched upon in the resource material that you include. Just things like simile, personification, allusions, tone, and stuff like that. And the last one is just a persuasive essay kind of like the synthesis one but you aren't given any documents. I think the persuasive one was definitely the easiest.

    Reading a lot, practicing writing, and doing practice tests is more than enough to prepare you for the exam.

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    It was a lot easier than I was expecting. September Satire on AP Lang Exam???? Can I use the bible in my third AP Lit essay?