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Photo essay: Rural women, human rights

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A Study of the Green Revolution

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And yet he is very poor.

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He is being exploited by the money-lenders and the middleman. He is unable to recover his money spent during the harvesting period. His needs are few and simple and yet they are not met.

Their exploitation should be stopped. They should be distributed agricultural land.

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They should be given cheap loans and other facilities. They should be given better seeds, fertilizers and return for their produce. The irrigation facilities should be improved.

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His cartoons portray Indian life and politics through the eyes of "a common man? The above cartoon, evidently addresses the condition of farmers.

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It is important to briefly go over this issue and highlight the reasons why the Indian farmer is suppressed. The Old Farmer This particular cartoon, speaks volumes.

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It shows the farmer being completely sidelined in many aspects. He is well versed in his ways of farming. Over the He is well versed in his ways of farming India's nuclear tests are a wake-up call to the world, and particularly to the nuclear weapons states. India's tests got the world's attention. The country that was really woken up by these tests was Pakistan.

These tests have refueled the conflict between Pakistan and India. The two countries have fought three wars, two of them over the disputed region of Kashmir. The region is small, but nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, its strategic importance and beauty make it a prized possession. Great Britain carved the Muslim state of Pakistan out of Indian territory.