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My parents, Kristen, and I, prayed up before we pulled out of our driveway and headed southeast from Johnstown, Pennsylvania toward Ocean City, Maryland. Before I knew it we arrived at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge just in time for a downpour of rain. As I looked out of the window, I noticed that the hammering rain had changed the hue of the brackish water from a soft gray-blue to a deep aquamarine.

The gusting wind had caused the usually small waves to become white capped and abnormally large. As we drew nearer to our destination, the rain subsided and the humidity was almost unbearable, but I did not mind.

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We were on our way to the beach! Finally, after seven and a half hours we pulled onto Coastal Highway, the spinal cord of Ocean City, which runs adjacent to the coastline. Coastal Highway, not unlike the ocean, seems to go on endlessly. As is my tradition when I pull onto Coastal Highway, I put my window down and let the smell of the sand and sea waft into the car. The rain had started again, but now it was only a light mist.

The temperature had cooled off now too. It was no longer a stifling 99 degrees, but a reasonable 82 degrees. My nieces, Kristen, and I, decided to take an evening swim in the ocean, which was making swishing and sloshing sounds like a washing machine on spin cycle. Looking out at the turbulent waves we all got a little shaken. Some of the waves were breaking close to twelve feet high.

There were even warnings announced on the local radio stations about how strong the riptide was. I was not scared though, I was at the beach! When I entered the sea, I was surprised at how comfortably warm the water was. This lukewarm water was deceiving though, because it only seemed warm due to the misty rain and drop in temperature. The swells crashed violently into my legs and hurled the grainy salt water into my mouth. My mouth tasted as if someone dumped a whole shaker of salt on my tongue. I was waist deep in the ocean now, and could feel the riptide playing tug-o-war with my legs.

I felt helpless while the power of the sea stricken my every movement. I mustered my strength and carried on. After all, I was at the beach.

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The only way of not getting slammed down to the sandy bottom of the ocean floor was to dive straight through the waves. Whenever a wave raced toward me I pointed my arms straight out, tucked my head in between them, and lunged forward, slicing through the wave like a samurai sword. Finally, I made it out past the break line where I could just float around effortlessly. I was exhausted from fighting the angry swells of the sea. I was having so much fun that I was now yards down shore from everyone else. Instead of exchanging more blows with the riptide I just swam straight toward the beach and walked weary back to Kristen and my nieces.

As I sat down on the coarse beach and pushed the tepid sand between my toes, I looked out across the endless expanse of sea. I was starting to come down from the surge of adrenaline I felt from wrestling with the tide, and my hands trembled as a result. Suddenly, a wave of serenity rush over my mind. This was not a dream. It is the brush stroke of God. So Cal representing huh? Yeah, unfortunately the closest beach is about 6 hrs from me, but I try to take it all in when I go, because all I have are memories like these.

Thanks again brother.

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After a while, though, Kita begins to see that these nightm The Odd Threesome. Shouldn't Be Alone. Raised Semper Fi Marines part 5. The Iron Assassin. Johnstown's Finest. Relentless Revenge: The Diary of Abby. Drag a picture from your file manager into this box, or click to select. Insert Cancel. Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. Make sure your selection starts and ends within the same node. I'm at the Beach! Essay by: Matthew Zabala.

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Add Your Comments:. Sign in to write a comment. Order by Oldest Newest. Comment 15 words. That's the way I usssually feel at the beach too The ocean is filled with many colorful and astonishing marine life.

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Some people also go to the beach as a recreational area also. The volleyball nets strung tight as a harp. The hammocks swaying loosely in the nice ocean breeze. The drinks flowing and abundant like Niagra Falls. People always find something fun to do at the beach.

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