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Our services 2 History homework help Assignment writing help US history homework help Pay for coursework Pay for research paper History homework answers. Statistics Do my homework for me Math homework. Market n. The loss of potential labor workers in a company suffered more hardship than losing profits Market, n. In , Creekmore claimed that after the incident of September 11th, social conflict has been arising due to fear and horrified by the incident among citizens.

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After past few days of the incident, people were lined up around the gas station before gas prices rose two dollar a gallon. The governor of Mississippi took immediate action against local gas suppliers as they were found guilty on raising the gas prices Creekmore, Eventually this has set off havoc between the local gas suppliers and customer in different states, and people were fighting for the gas.

In addition, Creekmore mentioned about the rumors which were spread about the shortage of food due to the gas prices and soon everyone felt the state of panic. Media reviewed that the Internet has many useful functions for the terrorist, such as cyber-terrorism, coordination of plans of attack, communication with cells, or propaganda and information. Convenient, easy to use and access, much quicker to send precious information and inexpensive are the factors for terrorists to use the Internet.

As the functions mentioned above, it brings huge impact on the media because the Internet act as a direct medium Media, A Mexican-based terrorism organization, EZLN, also known as Zapatistas, has brought catastrophe to its country as it uses Internet to leak information throughout the world. Media has also remarked that Internet media offensive was started by al-Qaida that their message were translated into European languages and as a result, radicalization process is happening much faster, broader, more mysterious in the Internet era.

It was dated back then after Persian Gulf, thousands of US troops went home after the war has ended. Unfortunately, they have come across an illness which includes symptoms like chronic fatigue, severe joint pain and headaches, intestinal track problems, internal bleeding, and memory loss The Effects, The Effects reviewed the terrorists have been doing many illegal activities such as counterfeit the document and statements as well as take apart the equipments and tear down important documents in order to conceal their production of biological weapons.

Terrorism Topics for Debate

AFP b remarked the Taliban militants have claimed two raids which around 60 trucks were torched and three people died in this incident. On the other hand, Pakistani authorities have reported 24 attacks since September 3rd which have claimed more than lives. Over the years, terrorism has caught international attention as it has destructive goals that would bring casualties and economical impact around the world. The research on terrorism was insufficient and the data is not fully complete yet.

The Cause and Effects of Terrorism

There are still many unknown causes that would lead to terrorism. However, as times goes by, the secrets behind terrorism will eventually reveal to the world and it must be eradicate as soon as win-win solutions are being discovered and implement into the society. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please:. Essays Criminology. Essays, UK. To further their aims, they targeted Jewish sympathizers of the Roman Empire.


Another example is Guy Fawkes who hatched a terrorist plot in order to install a Catholic monarch over England. In France, the establishment of the Republic was followed by The Reign of Terror, a period during which the state sponsored terrorist acts against the nobility and anyone deemed to be supporting them. The modern version of terrorism, the one we are most familiar with, was engendered after World War II.

Nationalist movements started spreading all across lands that were colonial outposts of European empires. Thanks to a well-connected world, these movements were able to direct attention to their causes and exercise influence over international policy. People in other parts of the world were quick to pick up on this strategy to bring local issues to global attention and modern terrorism was born.

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The loss of life was staggering — almost people were killed and more were injured in the course of a few minutes. It focused global attention squarely on terrorism and became the reason behind the War on Terror that led the United States and its allies into Iraq and Afghanistan. Terrorism is very much a reality of modern times and the mere threat of a terrorist attack is enough to generate panic and fear among the general populace.

There is also no denying the fact that global terrorism has affected policy decisions to a great extent. The interconnectedness of the world through the internet has given terrorist organizations a global platform to spread their agenda and recruit more people. Battling them is no longer merely a matter of military strikes; it is necessary to disprove their radical ideology — a task that will by no means be easy.

Terrorism Essay, Research Paper Examples

While terrorism itself is nothing new, its global avatar is definitely something that has arisen over the last few decades. Thanks to how connected the world is now, news travels in a matter of seconds around the globe and reaches billions more than it used to earlier. This has created a fertile ground for terrorists to direct global attention to their causes by engaging in violent acts that are primarily directed at civilians and non-combatants.

Moreover, these acts take place in places that have been considered safe for the longest time. So far, this chilling tactic has worked. Because the targets are civilians and they are targeted in places where they would ideally be safe such as schools, malls, shopping thoroughfares, pubs, nightclubs, churches and mosques, the shock value of these tactics is much higher. In addition, the media jumps on such stories immediately since they generate better ratings without realizing that they are giving the terrorists the exact notoriety they want.

Terrorism is not an organization; it is a strategy that various organizations use to achieve their aims. This means that it is difficult if not impossible to attack terrorism itself. Ultimately, the civilian fatalities hugely outnumber the terrorists killed. The immediate consequence is terror and anger. Everyone from governments to foreigners is blamed for the terror attack.

Long and Short Essay on Global Terrorism in English

However, the long term effects of terrorism are much more insidious. Terrorist attacks affect public morale and generate an atmosphere of fear. More importantly, such attacks create divides between people from different regions, ethnicities and religions. Instead of coming together to fight this threat, people are suspicious of each other and close themselves up. Nationalism starts raising its ugly head as do prejudice and racism. The actions of a few taint the peaceful many. It is a war of attrition; an attack here and another attack there and a third attack somewhere else.

Each time fear and suspicion grow and people who were united earlier become divided.