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Masters Theses. Nicholas School of the Environment Master's projects. Do sex differences affect behavioral thermoregulatory strategies in lemur species? Thermoregulation is the ability for an animal to maintain its internal body temperature. Due to the high costs of regulating temperature physiologically, behavioral thermoregulation is more energy efficient.

While previous Today, Medicaid remains a subject of intense state and federal budgetary This study uses a comparative case study policy analysis to evaluate whether the media regulation standards the governments of the United States of America and South Korea used in the past apply to fake news on social media This thesis explores how DACA and the model minority stereotype affect self and public perceptions of undocumented Asian American immigrants. An undocumented Asian American immigrant was interviewed in depth about their Prior research has shown that stress and mental illnesses increase during college years.

Strong social support may contribute to better mental health while weak social support may exacerbate mental illnesses. Because college Maternal speech holds a pivotal role in infant language development. Mothers differ cross-culturally in terms of responding to infant inquiries for information, providing word labels, and incorporating emotional talk into In this paper, we examine two versions of inhomogeneous percolation on the 2D lattice, which we will refer to as non-oriented and oriented percolation, and describe the limiting shape of the component containing the origin This paper is a creative work that explores the relationship between psychological healing and the writing of poetry.

Primarily creative, the paper presents poetry written in a variety of contemporary styles, from French Theorists and scholars primarily characterize Michelangelo Antonioni as a Modernist artist who uses Abstract Expressionist techniques seen through the geometric composition of framing: diagonals, counter-diagonals, vertical This thesis seeks to elucidate the relationship between experiences of discrimination and mental health state among the Muslim population at Duke.

Hoag, Robert D. Holton, Brian.

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Masters of Education, Career, and Technical Education. Hope, Mark R. Successful student characteristics at Mott Community College. Horan, Thomas J. Huang,Chun-Chia and Okpue, Enuoma. Imran, Muhammad. Inmor, Sureerut and Douglas Blakemore. Hockey rink pro shop software project. Irsheidat, Nadia. Masters of Science in Information Systems Technology. Irwin, John L. Masters of Science in Occupational Education. Itharat, Visaruj. Point-of-sale system for restaurant. Isabell, Dena Marie. Lean implementation within the service industry. Jaques, Marcy Carol. Jarzynka, Jacek.

Jim, [Saragian? Jones, Sharon M. Emergency room nurses' caring experiences with Hispanic patients. Joseph, Anitha and Rohini Bhonsle. Data warehousing for a corporate supermarket. Kadiwal, Mahedi [et. SIM online gift shop. Kapur, Shravan. Ferris State University web site usability study. Kehoe, Michael. Kellogg, Kenneth G. To ascertain the future role of the mainframe. Knapp, William. Wikis and the Net Generation. Koval, Bryan Joseph. Characteristics of a successful information center. Kowalski, Suzanne Eileen. Patient satisfaction at hospital A in Eastern Michigan.

Krajniak, Shannon Marie. LaBarre, Amanda Nicole. Masters of Education, Curriculum, and Instruction. La Duke, Ronald T. Lafrinere, Kay L. The use of collaborating teams to reduce special education placements. Lalo, Gil. Infrastructure upgrade for a rural hospital. Lawton, Janet K. LeClaire, Mitchell R. Lesinski, Craig W. Lightner, John W. Limamnuai, Ich. Design and develop an electronic inventory system for Onn car dealer. Lisko, Craig S. Robert L. Ewigleben ice arena pro shop: customer management system.

Lutz-Krebill, Sharon. Is there better than two? MacIver, Mary Kay. Maki, Carol L. Student tracking system. Malaigrong, Pornsawan. Mangene, Lynda Lee. Students' perceptions related to school success. Mannard, Lynne. Student attitudes toward mathematics enhanced by stem activities. Masters of Science of Career Technical Mechanism. Mannor, Mark A. Information systems management program evaluation.

Markani, Kalyan Kumar. Marthala, Prathima and Davuluri, Bindhu. Mast, Michael. Special security agreement visitor request form. Maturu, Sravanthi. Mayle, Bruce F. McBride, Christopher G. McCarthy, Brendalee. McClellan, Robert A. Web site for King of the Sea chapter service. McLafferty, Sean. ISM program web site usability study.

Minton, Scott A. The digital divide: what is it, and what can we do about it? Mislan, Richard P. Moerland, Robert. Nonprofit portal. Moghaddam, Farima Kashani. Mohan, L. Re-architecture of Ferris State Torch website. Mohan, Sweatha. Web site for the village of Onsted, MI. Momin, Riyazali.

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  7. Understanding of information system concepts and implementation. Moore II, Gary. Muma, Kimberly S. Murray, Kathleen E. Ninth grade transition to high school. Murry, Robert. Myntti, Warner. Management of mainframe DASD. Nasson, Amber. Nerbonne, Andrea Marie. Neredukomma, Sreelatha. Neumann, Nedra V. Nguyen, Johnny. E-commercial web site: Kim Kriner Bridal Boutique. Nicholas, Michael J. Noteware, Emily. Masters of Science in Special Education. Okpue, Sidney. Graduate vs. Okun, Mark. Quality control support systems in banking. Osirisakul, Nat and Sarunyu Asavanich. PDA web site usability.

    Ovans, Gary L. Pallempati, Sasidhar. Pan, Hua C. Study of use and impact of computer-aided software engineering. Parent, Jan Martin. Patei, Krushnakant. Evaluation of Search Engine Technology. Phelps, Tatem. Computerization of business process using XML. Powers, Amanda. Teachers' and administrators' reflections on response to intervention.

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    Prasala, Rozina. Preechapanich, Vuthinun. Front-end system for tire company. Proefrock, Jason. Provenzano, Mario. Rajareddy, Mahesh. Rajasekhar, Sukumar. Web application development using ASP. Ramanbhai, Patel.

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    Comparison of Different Cell Phone Technologies. Rayburn, Andrew. Printing Solutions for Residence Halls. Raymond, Sarah Margaret. The impact of the 21st century Learning Center after school program on identified risk factors and juvenile delinquency. Reed, Irene M. How selected student characteristics are related to student attitudes toward computer usage. Reed, William Jay. Vulnerabilities of unpatched computer systems.

    Reges, Julia. English acquisition among second-generation Americans. Masters of Education in Curriculum and Design. Rogalla, Edward V. Rohrer, D'Ann Marie. Rush, Willard A. An investigation of the factors influencing students to choose electronics as a career choice. Sacco, Joe. The affect of business process reengineering on the organization. Saur, Mark. A study of the industry related educational needs of the West Michigan plastics injection molding industry. Schuitema, Heidi L. Response and revelation during social story intervention with a child with autism.

    Scott, Jonathan D.

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    Masters of Business Administration. Seaver, Brandon. Implementing response to intervention : are administrator and staff perceptions the same?. Segers, Marc. Measuring the critical success factors for information planning. Sexton-Langford, Susan Kay. Cups on loan: measuring student affective charges during a multicultural ceramics service learning project. Shaheen, Cindy K.

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    Implementing an information technology service level agreement program. Shangle, Max S. An appraisal of the use of identified [sic] work skills, work behaviors, problem solving skills, and basic skills by production employees in the furniture industry from the view point of first line supervisors [sic]. Sharma, Shashank. Fundamentals of the Internet. Silapadech, Amornwan and Huang, Chun-Chiag. The development of a retailing business intelligence prototype.

    Singh, Karan. A practical look at software development methodologies. Smolinski, Denny. Ferris State University: web site development project for www.

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    Snyder, Kip Christian. Considering motorist demeanor and vehicle condition and its effect on police officers' discretionary decision making on traffic stops. Stahl, Virginia Lynn. Response to intervention: preparation of a rural school. Stawiarski, Craig A.

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    Comparing sexual offender registration laws. Steeby, Donald. Alternative energy: sources and systems. Stellard, Steven. Wireless Security: As Secure as Expected? Stenberg, Eugene C. A follow-up study of graduates of Northern Michigan University refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating program. Stern, Myra Jane. Using rubrics to help guide student learning. Louis, Paul. The ISM Bookstore.

    Stroud, William. A study to determine the relationship between self esteem and academic performance of secondary vocational students. Sunesara, Farzana. NET technology. Surya, Pratibha. LoadTesting Ferris Dining Services website. Sutherland, Roslyn Sue. Masters of Administration of Criminal Justice. Swenson, David M. An evaluation of accounting software for ACCT micro applications. Talbot, Cynthia L. Using technology to motivate reluctant learners : a comparative analysis.

    TerBush, Doug. Delta chi website: creating a cheap and maintainable website for the tech impaired. Thompson, Bridget. Meeting the education needs of students with disabilities: teachers perceptions of self-efficacy and collaboration in the inclusive classroom. Tomszyk, Katie. Variables associated with females and online learning.

    Trongpattacrawichaya, Napat. Donation web site for Ferris State University. Tse, Dorothy To Fun. A case study on electronic medical records software and implementation.