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Our school breaks up at 4. I come home direct after school hours. Then I go to play with my friends.

Short Paragraph on The Daily Routine of a Student

When the game is over, I come back home at dusk. I wash my hands, feet and face and go to my reading room.

Essay on My Daily Routine In English - 150 Words

Just before the dinner I enjoy the TV for half an hour. After having my dinner I go to bed at about 11pm. There are the various deeds I do every day. I like to help my mother in her work. I also like to play with my younger brother and sister. I have a flower garden in our house. I work there everyday. I spend my leisure time there and enjoy the beauty of flowers.

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I always fall asleep soon if I am very tired. Antes de ir a la escuela, desayuno con mi familia. Normalmente llego a casa a las cinco y media de la tarde.

Telling Your Daily Routine In French (Routine Quotidienne)

I think I need some transitional words to make my passage sound more smooth. But I haven't learned them yet. Please add some to my writing if necessary. Should I use "Mi vida diaria" or "Mi vida cotidiana" as the title of the passage? What's the difference between "diario" and "cotidiana"?

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That occurs every day. A it can be used as a synonym of cotidiano in some contexts. Implies routine, normality.

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So, they are pretty equivalent. It sounds smooth to me.

Just one thing: I would say "vuelvo a casa" come back. Log in Sign up.

Describing daily routines in Spanish: examples and common verbs

Would you please take a look and correct any mistake for me? English version: I wake up early every day, but I get up at am. Hola, Saige! Thanks for pointing out the typo "rapido"!

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I should have added the accent mark. The title: daily life would be vida cotidiana. Hola, atxeko.